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General Homework Guidelines

Homework is an important part of school. It provides students with reinforcement of skills learned in class. As third graders, it is expected that students are responsible for knowing what their assignments are and how to complete them. If there is ever a question or concern, please contact Mrs. Gould or Mrs. McRae.

In general, your child should spend around 30- 45 minutes on homework each night. Please do not let your child become frustrated with homework. If this happens, please notify us so that we are able to re-teach, modify assignments, or make other adjustments as needed. All 3rd grade homework will be coming to and from school in a yellow homework folder. This folder should come back and forth EVERY DAY!

Monday: All homework will be assigned for both math and literacy. Please do not work ahead on the math homework pages assigned for the week. Literacy packets may be completed at any time during the week. However, please do not rush through your work, as all of your homework must be thoroughly, neatly completed. In addition, students are expected to read for 30 minutes and practice their spelling words each night.

Friday: All homework is due! (Math pages, literacy packet, signed reading and spelling log.)

Math Homework Guidelines

Homework should take approximately 20 minutes with a recommended additional practice of math flash cards for 5-10 minutes to increase fluency of math facts.

The homework for the week is due and is graded in class each Friday. The purpose of grading homework in class is to help students identify mistakes and have the opportunity to discuss with the teacher and/or peers strategies used to derive the correct solution in a timely manner. Homework is designed to be a practice of skills learned in class and will typically be a day or two behind our in-class lessons. This reinforces skills previously taught in class and helps ensure retention of information. Homework is also an excellent way to communicate what is going on in the classroom. Each student should have a copy of the assigned homework schedule for the week (this is the pink homework schedule located in the yellow homework folder for each child). If this information is missing, a master hard-copy of the schedule is located in the front of Mrs. Gould's classroom. Please check out the Math page if you need ideas on how to help your child with a concept.

Literacy Homework Guidelines

Literacy homework will normally be passed out on Monday and due on Friday. Please feel free to email Mrs. McRae if you have any questions about what is due. Please know that homework reflects skills and strategies taught in class.

Every week:

Weekly packet: spelling list, skills practice, reading comprehension practice

Nightly reading: 30 minutes of reading each night

Nightly spelling practice: practice spelling words each night (see Back to School Night Resources Page for ideas on how to practice).